Ruibal: “The Betis thing is a religion, I never lived anything like it”

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first_imgAitor Ruibal, Leganés player Not now. Yes, he has been an important uncle, with a large presence that works hard and has a goal. But a team is not based on a player, much less.Did you consider leaving in January? “When Leganés was looking for a ‘9’ I thought: I’m a forward! I’m here! (Laughter)” Eleven points is half salvation …(Laughter) The joke has already been made to me through social networks …He got scared?At first I got a little scared. I quickly put my hand to my eye. It was a stream of blood. When Charly came, the physio and the doctor reassured me … although Charly’s bastard told me he had a beautiful breakdown.And in the end he had to go was Omeruo, who was the one who had hit. “VAR is being more trouble than help” Aitor Ruibal, Leganés striker Yeah right if. I wasn’t having any minutes. It was an option. But what happened happened, the master loved me, the club too. They told me I would have opportunities. And the decision was to follow.How do you see your assignment?It is serving me a lot. As for minutes it is costing me more. But being in a Primera locker room, training with Primera people is a pride. Many would pay for that. I am proud to be where I am.Do you see yourself with options to return to Betis?Not that I considered it. I do not think about the future. I think of the now.Leganés has a unilateral purchase option, doesn’t it?I honestly don’t know very well. This is carried by my agent. But I think it is unilateral. If the Leganés wants to exercise it, he can.They say he has a lot of feeling left.Yes, yes … I’ve always said it. I had never experienced something so intense so … how to say it?Deep…If that is. For you to understand me, that is like a religion. Football has nothing to do with feeling. It’s crazy how you live there. People transmit it to you, it transmits you such a good vibes, that in the end you have a little bit of bloody blood.Well, this week it’s your turn to be a heretic.That’s clear. Right now, my blue and white blood runs through my veins. I’m going to death with my team.Betis and Leganés could set up a union affected by the VAR.The VAR is being, more than a help, a problem. I don’t like to criticize professions that I don’t know how to do, but we should take more advantage of technologies. It doesn’t cost much to review plays. The VAR was set to remove controversies and now there is more.A controversy that will help Lega was Fekir’s red on Sunday …I insist: a player does not make a whole team, but he is world champion. It is a pass as a player. It has tremendous quality. We’re lucky he doesn’t play.Is the match as important as it is perceived from outside?That and more. You have to get points anyway.Is it exaggerated to talk about the end?No, it’s going. There are only very final…If you mark, do you celebrate it?No, I do not celebrate.Is Leganés saved?Of course, I’m always positive and more watching the team train and compete. Aitor Ruibal (Sallent de Llobregat, 23 years old), has an eclipse in the right eye. On Saturday, in a fortuitous clash with Kenneth Omeruo, a biblical gap opened just above the eyelid. Eleven points took home. That and an important dizziness that, inflammation in between, has prevented him from training until yesterday. But the matter mitigates. You can see and play now. If you do it on Sunday, the team you still belong to will be measured. To BetisOn loan at Butarque, he says he has not lived anything like the passion for football that is transmitted in Heliopolis. “It’s like it was a religion”, he says before confessing, this week, heretic without blushing. “Now only blue and white blood runs through my veins,” he insists without forgetting his past. “Yes, I will not celebrate,” he promises, although he would love to score. Because he and Lega need it. “In January I planned to leave, but Aguirre stopped me. It has given me a lot of confidence.” I was thinking something like “Hey, I’m forward, I’m here!” (Laughter) Let’s see, after all, the club and the coach saw me in another position. You have to respect it and that’s it.Does it still affect the goodbye of En Nesyri? “In January I planned to leave, but Aguirre avoided him. He gave me confidence.” Aitor Ruibal, Leganés player “After the blow I also played dizzy. Luckily I didn’t see the wound” Is that for him, the blow was more with the forehead. You could find yourself dizzy. I was also dizzy, I had fatigue in my belly … but the adrenaline of the game made it barely hurt. Not even when they put the staples on me. It was all weird. If I had seen the wound, it would have been worse.Is it to play?Yesterday I returned to training and if the coach wants me to be there, I have no problem playing the game.Speaking of playing, lately it’s been a recurring change.Yes, I’m starting to feel something more important. When you don’t have minutes, your confidence drops. But Aguirre arrived and showed me support. It was hard for me to enter. The team was fine. I thought I would not play anymore. But he told me to keep working, that he was fine, that he would have minutes. And thanks to the Cup, which I have been able to play three whole games, has helped me to prove who I am.It has had to recycle to lane.It depends on the games, requires that you play there. I am offensive and win a man of attack. In defense it costs me, but it has not been difficult to adapt.You are forward. When Leganés was looking for a ‘9’, what did he think? How’s the eyebrow wearing?Well, I have no problems seeing. What is spectacular now is the points and the scab, which is now what hurts the most. Aitor Ruibal, Leganés playerlast_img read more

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