How Technology Can Improve Your Home Inspection Business

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first_imgShare on Facebook Tweet on Twitter As technology continually improves the world we live in, it’s only natural that it can do the same for your business. While this is a relevant point for any company, it’s particularly applicable if you run a home inspection business. In fact, advances in recent years have seriously changed the way home inspectors operate. From the way inspections are carried out to the way a home inspection report is shared with others, technology has changed the game. In that regard, are you feeling left behind with your home inspection business? Don’t worry. The following article will detail the technology you should be adopting for your company. Once the tech is in place, you will notice a significant increase in productivity alongside a reduction in long-term costs. It’s a win-win. The Standard Technology in Your Arsenal If you have been running a home inspection business for some time, you will already possess a number of tools. After all, inspecting a home requires certain equipment that can detect issues the human eye cannot spot.As for what this standard equipment package comprises, it features the following: Infrared thermometer: when a property includes certain equipment for heating and cooling, this thermometer can identify the temperature. This is particularly advantageous if the heating/cooling sources are hard-to-reach. Moisture meter: if there are plumbing defects or leaks, this is the device to spot them. The meter can be used to measure the levels of moisture behind walls. Voltage indicator: before you start messing around with a property’s wiring, you need to know if a voltage is still present. To find out, you simply need to use a voltage indicator. Electrical tester: speaking of electrics, this is another tool that receives plenty of use during property inspections. It goes without saying that one of the most complex tasks when inspecting is to check the electrical system. The complexity is reduced thanks to the electrical tester. [Consider this UK-based company for remedial electrical services or planned preventative maintenance.]If, for whatever reason, you are missing one of these pieces of equipment from your arsenal, stop reading this, jump on eBay, and buy it right away.Thermal Imaging Due to the price of standard thermal imaging equipment, this type of technology can usually be out of range for home inspectors. However, thermal experts FLIR has developed a cost-effective camera that attaches to smartphones. With this device, you can easily inspect a property for any problems that would otherwise be invisible. What type of problems can it detect? Well thermography utilizes special color patterns that can identify cold, warm, and hot spots of a property. Due to this, it can indicate if a home is suffering from water damage in the basement, air leaks around doors and windows, and insufficient attic insulation. That’s just the start of why thermal imaging is an excellent tool for home inspectors. Drones That’s right: drones are more than just a fun toy to play with as a hobby. In the home inspection world, they provide efficiency and security. Admittedly, they don’t directly help in terms of security. However, a drone with an attached camera allows you to easily inspect a home’s rooftop. No longer is it necessary to climb up a ladder and risk walking on a roof to check for any existing defects. Remember the previous point about thermal imaging? Well if you mount a specialist thermal imaging camera to a drone, this will supply a clearer picture as to whether the roof is suffering from air leaks or insulation issues. Software SolutionsTechnology doesn’t just need to have a practical part to play during the home inspection. In fact, specialist home inspection software can greatly increase the overall quality of your business. Due to the time-saving tools offered via this software, your business can instantly benefit from greater efficiency and reduced expenses. As well as automating certain tasks and streamlining others, the software also helps to reduce human error. This, again, helps to boost efficiency levels. Of course, home inspection software has a lot more under the hood — too much to list in this small section, in fact. It can assist with scheduling, management, communication, storing information, business reporting, and more. Final Thoughts In any business, you have to move with the times. If you sit around with what you have for too long, the competition will soon pass you by. This logic applies when it comes to the technology you utilize in your business. However, it’s more than simply a case of implementing technology to stay ahead of the competition. 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