Apple to release iTunes Replay streaming service

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first_imgiPhone 5 rumors are so two days ago. iCloud rumors are what are really cool right now. The web has been buzzing with talk about iCloud after Apple released its iCloud developer preview yesterday. Today, however, we’re hearing rumors about a new service for iTunes that would allow you to re-download your purchased content beyond just music.According to a source close to Apple, the company is extremely close to launching a full-on re-downloading service called iTunes Replay. The service would allow users to re-download content they’ve purchased on iTunes and potentially stream the content via Apple TV and iOS, although there was no mention of the desktop. The service would allow users to access movies and TV shows from the cloud instead of downloaded files.Just this week, Apple released a software update to the Apple TV and made back-end changes in iTunes on desktop and iOS devices that allows users to re-download and stream TV shows they’ve bought and either accidentally deleted or lost during a hard drive crash. This feature was already available for books, apps, and music. However, this update did not include movies, which is something iTunes Replay will add to its re-download list.iTunes Replay will give users access to movies they bought as far back as Jan. 1, 2009, but not all content will be available for re-downloading when the product is launched. Any that has been licensed for replay will don a special arrow icon to denote whether or not its iTunes-Replay-eligible. Some content may also have a download cap on it. Much like the way that content bought on iTunes is only available to download to five devices max, you may only be able to download a movie or TV show up to five times.There’s no word on whether there will be a streaming limit yet. But similar to Netflix and Hulu Plus, it may be possible to stream purchased content from any computer as long as it’s stored on Apple’s servers.Apparently the name “iTunes Replay” is just something used internally at Apple, so there’s a chance it could change by the time the service is released to the public. Whatever the name, we can expect to see it in the coming weeks.via AppAdvicelast_img read more