The state leases former resorts

first_imgAttachment: PUBLIC INVITATION FOR SUBMISSION OF BIDS FOR LEASE OF REAL ESTATE No: 1/2019-S RELATED NEWS: Pursuant to the Decision of the Minister of State Property of March 15, 2019, the Ministry of State Property published a Public Invitation for the lease of State-owned real estate. Also, the Ministry of State Property recently published a public call for bids for the establishment of building rights on land plots (concessions) owned by the Republic of Croatia in Lastovo for the construction of tourist and catering buildings and for the award of concessions on maritime property in Lastovo for construction and economic use of the beach and special purpose port – nautical tourism port – mooring and concessions on the maritime domain for the purpose of construction and economic use of special purpose port – nautical tourism port of Kremen. These are former resorts for catering and tourism purposes in Gradac, a place near Makarska, the island of Ugljan, Dubrovnik, Hvar, etc.… and the lease agreement is concluded for a period of 30 years. More attached: PUBLIC INVITATION FOR CONCESSION ON LASTOV. A 5-STAR HOTEL AND VILLAS WITH A TOTAL OF 500 BEDS AND TWO NAUTICAL TOURS WITH 400 BERTHS WILL BE BUILT According to the public invitation, it is about building 5-star hotels and villas, a total of 500 beds in Jurjeva Luka and awarding a concession on the maritime domain for the construction and economic use of the beach and 2 nautical tourism ports, with 400 berths on the island of Lastovo. COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL: TOURISM IS STILL THE MOST ACTIVE INVESTMENT SECTOR The Croatian hotel market is stagnating in the development of the offer, shows the global report of Horwath HTLlast_img read more

Copper – a year of positive developments in tourism. It is possible

first_imgThe Tourist Board of the City of Bakar began intensive work in 2009, 15 years after the closure of Koksara, a symbol of Bakar’s industrial past and the main reason why Bakar was bypassed in a wide arc, both occasional travelers and all Kvarner guests. And that is why all those people and destinations should be publicly praised, who, in spite of everyone and everything, are struggling and actively working to change the paradigm and seek their place under the sun. Naval battle is one of the most important events in the life of the city, but a visit to Bakar in the summer months will lead you to another, extremely important “maritime story” that reflects the insufficiently revived feature of Bakar. In its glorious days, Copper was a city of sailors who sailed the world’s seas. The most important moment for the development of maritime affairs was certainly the founding of the Maritime School Bakar, which began operating in 1849, 66 years before the founding of London! Naval School Bakar is the oldest vocational school in Croatia, and it is adorned with the fascinating fact that it had the first school ship of the Merchant Navy. Margit not only in the Adriatic but also in the Mediterranean! This year, it celebrated another anniversary, the uninterrupted 25 years of the international naval rowing academy regatta. The great Andrija Mohorovičić, a world-renowned scientist who came into direct contact with meteorology in Bakar for the first time, also worked as a professor at the Bakar Maritime School, which resulted in the establishment of a meteorological station in Bakar in 1887. In the school there is a memorial classroom dedicated to this great man, and in the interior of the school there are valuable items related to seafaring, as well as an emotional dedication – a paddle painted by the hand of our artist Voja Radoičić. Quality offer of private accommodation, Margaret’s summer full of events, Tuna fest and city tours for organized groups with a welcome of copper associations; City Guards Bakar, Težakinja and peasant from Praputnjak, Bakarska gentlemen and captains, then a tour of the old town where the most important are the Frankopan castle, the Turkish and Roman houses and the church of St. Andrije ap. with catacombs, Hreljinska Gradina, the lake that emerges and disappears in Ponikve and the Bakar precipices where Bakarska vodica is created – these are just some of the trump cards to visit Bakar, says the director of the Tourist Board of the City of Bakar, Sonja Jelušić Marić SUMMER CONCERTS IN THE ROMANTIC ATMOSPHERE OF THE FRANKOPAN CASTLE Photo: Klaudio Vrančić, RI Ring Tourist stories from Bakar this summer, I transfer below the article. You can find a detailed program of Margaret’s flight and the tourist offer of the Tourist Board of the City of Bakar on the website Exactly such destinations should be promoted and given a chance, because they certainly deserved it and fought to get the right opportunity to show themselves. And here they definitely need the help of travel agencies that sell destinations and various additional tourist facilities. As in the example of the Via Mea agency, which I hope is only the first in a series, I hereby invite all other agencies to focus on Bakar, which already has something to offer today. Something new and different, and it is the content that is key, not just selling the sun and the sea. Proof of this thesis is the recent Tuna Fest in Bakar, where travel agencies, saturated with standard offers, saw their opportunity to offer and tell a new story. And in Bakar. Bakar Guard / Photo: TZ Bakar A small wing swing, he started we can say a small revolution in Bakar. Of course, looking from the outside and the bigger picture, these are small numbers, but for Bakar it is more important that the tourist economy started and how the local population woke up and became more active. And this is the first prerequisite for growth and development, because without the involvement of local people there is neither authenticity nor sustainable development. The first of May, apart from the sun, brought Bakar a significantly different atmosphere than in previous years. By the way, the quiet and sleepy town was “revived” by more than 200 guests from Austria who arrived in Bakar organized by the Tourist Board of Bakar and Crikvenica agency Via Mea and its Austrian partner Papageno to enjoy a specially organized program for them. Fest ”. The May Day group is just one of ten Austrian and German excursion groups within which Bakar will meet about 2000 excursionists in the pre-season and post-season.  Although burdened by the weight of the industrial past and complete isolation in the tourist-developed Kvarner, the Tourist Board of the City of Bakar managed to achieve what many considered impossible with persistent and thoughtful ten years of effort – to turn Bakar into a desirable excursion destination despite numerous, still current, shortcomings. And a traditional summer event called Margaret’s summer from 29.6. to 27.7. will mark some of the most glorious moments in Bakar’s history, which, combined with great entertainment for all generations, will be a good reason to come to Bakar, point out the Bakar Tourist Board. 240 YEARS OF THE CHARTER OF MARY THERESIA – WALK WITH THE QUEEN OF THE ROYAL CITY OF COPPER Yes, it takes a lot of energy, effort and time, but it is certainly possible to make great tourist stories, change the image of a tourist destination into a positive one and start a tourist economy, which is the most important thing. Bakarska vodica / Photo: TZ Bakar As I mentioned above, in a practically impossible mission, in addition to the tourist giants in Kvarner and despite the bad reputation of Bakar and as other smaller tourist communities would say, “we have no resources, both financial and human, TZ Bakra is proof of how to make A “miracle” in those conditions as well. Of course, everything revolves around people and the desire for positive change or market development. Fight and bite and do the best you can according to your conditions. it’s easiest to say, you can’t. Margaret’s Fair within Naval battles It is a great opportunity to taste many delicacies of local producers, traditional dishes made by local caterers waiting for you on every corner, but also souvenirs of the City of Bakar – Bakar Baskot crowned with a gold medal for quality in 1919 in Paris. You will find a plaque that testifies to this important recognition on the wall of the bakery where the baškoti, the legendary Baškotarne. Her employees will be happy to share the story of this with you, twice baked, round bread pastries of great importance to the copper sailors for whom Bakar is widely known. Due to its dryness, baškot could last more than six months and was very suitable for eating on long voyages. It was carried instead of bread on longer fishing trips, and traditionally dipped in red wine, tea or white coffee, and you can dip it in Bakar water – another symbol of the City of Bakar! Thus, the Tourist Board of the City of Bakar is the first tourist board in Croatia to organize a course “Guide interpreter” and gathered in one place 16 professionals, more precisely professionals from all over Croatia who, studying Bakar’s heritage, mastered the skills of interpretive guidance. The creator of the course was the European Association of Heritage Interpretation Professionals, Interpret Europe, a professional association that brings together 900 professionals from 50 countries. Through a series of courses held by their members in their countries, it conducts various educations with the aim of better interpretation of heritage, an indispensable part of cultural tourism. The scale is set high, in Bakar. The naval battle is an unavoidable event in Bakar, which celebrates the last, unsuccessful Venetian attack on Bakar and because of which almost 15 people visit this city every year in mid-July. Visit it too, 000. at the jubilee Naval Battle, due to which, for the tenth time, the night peace of the Bakar Bay will be disturbed by the bows of “Venetian sailing ships” creeping to its shore where they will be greeted by a fiery Bakar “welcome” – numerous cannons and holsters of the Bakar City Guard and Croatian Army the whole of Croatia. Bakrani and their guests will celebrate the successful defense of the city with spectacular fireworks, which will make Bakar shine again with its ancient, glorious splendor, unjustly extinguished by industrialization. Children can also count on great fun because a special program called will be organized for them A small naval battle under the sponsorship of INA with a lot of content and the possibility of visiting a ship of the Croatian Navy! More about the cooperation between Via Mea and TZ Bakra and the Tuna Fest program can be found here /// SONJA JELUŠIĆ MARIĆ, TZ BAKAR: HERITAGE AS A FOUNDATION, INCLUSION OF THE LOCAL COMMUNITY AND CREATION OF EXCURSION PROGRAMS ARE OUR RECIPE FOR TOURIST SUCCESS At the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, Bakar was the largest Croatian city in terms of population, and the revival of its glorious, still unknown to many, past awakened this historic Kvarner town as a tourist destination. And not in abnormal conditions, one can succeed, and that is why it is really ridiculous to listen to the various excuses of other colleagues from smaller TZs, and with much greater resources and potentials than Bakar, how something cannot be done. It can always be done, in fact, but it requires hard work and struggle. Replica of the charter of Maria Theresa / Photo: Miljenko Segulja Also, when you are “small” then you have to be fast, creative, innovative and find your niche before others, ie you can react much earlier and start something for the first time in Croatia and thus put your destination in focus. Also, you have to turn your weakness into an advantage, because due to the weaker development so far, you can look at the bigger picture and see all the advantages and disadvantages of others, good and bad concepts, and thus set a high scale in a short time, introduce many innovations in a short time. some mistakes made by others. Or simply, you learn from other people’s experiences, and you can react because you are “small” and you start from the “beginning”. When we asked what can be seen and experienced in Bakar, the Bakar Tourist Board sent us a couple of main tourist stories, at least for those agencies that are meeting Bakar for the first time, and which can be a great motive for coming. And everyone’s motive, of course, is earnings. And it is the earnings that have started to be made in Bakar, even in the pre-season, which has been a foreign concept in Bakar so far, so more and more local partners are involved in the activities of the Bakar Tourist Board and want to be part of the new tourist story of Bakar. 10. MARITIME BATTLE – SAILING BOATS, CANNONS AND FIREWORKS IN HONOR OF VICTORY OVER THE Venetians The sounds of baroque music will resonate through the streets of Bakar, 29.6, at the opening of Donkey’s Flight, when you will be able to walk through history with Maria Theresa, who granted it the status of a free royal city 240 years ago. This year A walk through history it will be in the spirit of the time ruled by this fascinating ruler, and you will learn all about her deep trace in the history of Bakar in the interpretive tour of the guide Marjeta Trkman Kravar while you will be able to see a replica of the charter in the center of Bakar. In the Baroque period, it will be possible to travel by visiting the Baroque castle, which will be set up on the Vrata Square by guests from Slovenia, the Count and Countess of Statenberg, painting with a luxurious carriage from that time that will drive through the city and tasting Baroque specialties. CENTURY OF EXCELLENCE OF BAKARSKI BAŠKOT, SPECIAL FEATURES OF THE LOCAL GASTRO OFFER 170 YEARS OF THE COPPER MARITIME SCHOOL, ESTABLISHED 66 YEARS BEFORE LONDON 10 YEARS OF TOURIST BOARD – SUCCESS BUT INDUSTRIAL STIGMA Photo: TZ Bakar The sumptuous and playful vividness of the Baroque Walk through History – the Age of Maria Theresa will be completed by Damir Kedžoi with his great vocals in the romantic atmosphere of the Frankopan Castle in Bakar. These concerts, in the heart of the old Bakar town, are traditionally held at the beginning of each Margaret’s summer and attract a large number of visitors. The Frankopan castle, currently under renovation, is one of the most famous sights of the City of Bakar, and with its size and imposingness it stands right next to the neighboring one in Kraljevica. Both castles are part of the largest interpretation project in Croatia, the cultural route Paths of the Frankopan financed from EU funds. Covering the area of ​​Rijeka, Krk and Gorski kotar, this cultural route aims at as many as twenty facilities related to the Frankopans to permanently integrate the facilities into the cultural life of the wider community and the tourist offer. A number of others will join the visitor center, which opened in 2016 in the Nova Kraljevica castle, and an interpretation center is planned for the Bakar Castle on the topic of trade ties between the Frankopans and the Zrinskis. In the city of Bakar, which has no tourist but industrial past, they started proactively telling a new story, with the aim of changing the perception from negative to positive, ie to show their tourist story and perspective, in which they can and have something to show.last_img read more

VIDEO: Visualization of the Pelješac Bridge with access roads

first_imgRadi se 30 kilometara pristupnih cesta s kopnene i Pelješke strane mosta, od Duboke do Sparagovića i Zaradeža sve do obilaznice Stona, pa od Zaradeža do Prapratnog i od Prapratnog do mjesta Doli, a cijela dionica će imati dva tunela, vijadukt i most. Dionice moraju biti završe u roku od 33, odnosno 28 mjeseci, kako je predviđeno ugovorima. Apsurdnu situaciju, da se Pelješki most izgradi i dovrši prije pristupnih cesta djelomično ćemo izbjeći. Naime, izgradnja mosta završiti će godinu dana ranije nego pristupne ceste, stoga su se u Hrvatskim cestama odlučili na Plan B. On se sastoji da jedan od investitora ( Strabag ) prvo izgraditi spojnu cestu koja će se spojiti s postojećom cestom na Pelješcu tj. od Jadranske magistrale do mosta, kako bi cijela cestovna trasa bila u funkciji kad se most završi. „Cestovna povezanost s južnom Dalmacijom“ projekt je koji sadrži izgradnju Pelješkog mosta s pristupnim cestama, te izgradnju obilaznice Stona. U Banskim dvorima prije par dana, točnije 09. listopada, potpisani su ugovori za izgradnju pristupnih cesta Pelješkome mostu i stonske obilaznice, vrijedni gotovo milijardu kuna. Napokon kreće izgradnja pristupnih cesta Pelješkome mostu. A kako će u konačnici izgledati cijeli novi prometni pravac koji će napokon prometno spojiti Hrvatsku s južnom Dalmacijom, pogledajte dolje u video prilogu.last_img read more introduced a new real estate categorization system

first_imgView of’s new categorization system (red ellipse) “Search by star rating is the most used filter on“, Explained Olivier Grémillon, Vice President of Global Segments. “Previously, when someone searched on for three, four or five star accommodation units, holiday homes would not be displayed. Now, when they search using the same filter, they are displayed and everyone benefits from it.” Jeff Hurst, chief salesman at Expedition-owned Vrbo, finds it difficult to be precise when determining stars. “Personally, I often knew how to stay in a four-star hotel without my experience being up to standard.” Source / photo: Skift; The new grading system was first unveiled during a presentation at this week’s conference of the Holiday Accommodation Management Association in New Orleans, USA. But several property managers disagree with the ratings given by to their facilities. For example, a few said they would have preferred the agency to give them a lower grade. They would rather keep the user’s expectations a bit lower because they could pleasantly surprise the guest and thus are more likely to leave a review with a better rating. Some feel that user reviews have a greater impact on potential guests.’s move is quite bold because the agency arbitrarily determines ratings. Holiday homes and apartments are no longer aligned with hotels, which have long been categorized by government organizations and third parties according to the number of stars. The number of stars is separate, ie there is no correlation with the average accommodation result determined by user reviews. Olivier Grémillon, whose job involves overseeing rental units within, said guests on average give better ratings to holiday homes or apartments than hotels. This new system of the company will provide an additional reference point that will help users in comparing real estate, Grémillon believes. Others have complained that this process will confuse many users because, for example, Airbnb displays user review ratings in asterisk form. rates real estate including about 400 different factors. For example, an apartment that has an espresso machine is more likely to get a fifth star more easily. Some experts supported’s move. “I find it important not only to have user review ratings, but also official categorizations to better determine user expectations. For example, there may be a two-star accommodation that has impeccable user ratings, but the mere fact that the property has only two stars would certainly help put the review rating in a different context.”, Said Steve Milo, founder and CEO of Vtrips. Earlier this month, began applying star ratings to its short-term rental offerings. An online travel agency ranks properties from one to five stars – where a five-star rating indicates the most attractive accommodation, reports Shift. The company strives to adjust the calculations to make them as relevant as possible. For example, an accommodation facility in cold Copenhagen will not have a worse rating due to the lack of air conditioning, unlike some holiday homes in the tropics.last_img read more

Falling demand for labor, for the first time since 2010

first_imgSource: Institute of Economics Zagreb Although with a share of 47,8 percent, ads looking for fixed-term employees dominated in 2019, such ads had a negative contribution to the overall decline in the OVI index (-1,5 percentage points), while ads looking for employees on indefinitely made a positive contribution (0,8 percentage points), the authors of the OVI index point out. The biggest negative contribution to the decline in total demand for labor on an annual basis – in the amount of -1,6 percent – was made by ads for the profession of chef (-0,7 percentage points), while the biggest positive contribution was made by ads for the profession of salesman (0,6 percentage points). In addition, the decline in demand for labor measured published online ads was recorded in all regions except central Croatia, which accounts for 60 percent of the total ads published. The largest negative contribution to the decline in the OVI index on an annual basis was made by the northern Adriatic (-1,2 percentage points), followed by eastern Croatia (-0,6 percentage points) and southern Adriatic (-0,2 percentage points), while the central Croatia made a positive contribution of 0,6 percentage points. Seasonally adjusted values ​​of the OVI index suggest that labor demand stagnated at the very beginning (first quarter) and end (fourth quarter) of the year; however, the decline in seasonally adjusted index values ​​in the second and third quarters compared to previous quarters led to an annual decline in the index value of 1,6 percent. “This is the first time that the OVI index has fallen on an annual basis since the crisis of 2010, which suggests that the economic growth achieved last year was not based on new employment or that due to labor shortages in the Croatian labor market the standard way of hiring has changed. point out from the Institute of Economics Zagreb.As in 2018, the five most sought-after occupations among those published online ads, which together make up a third of the total ads published, and in 2019 were occupations salesmen, waiters, cooks, drivers and storekeepers. center_img “It is possible that this is also a consequence of the lack of labor in the domestic labor market, and employers were more willing to offer contracts for an indefinite period in order to attract employees. Interestingly, advertisements seeking employees through vocational training contracts in 2019 made a negative contribution to the overall decline in the OVI index in the amount of -1,0 percentage points, which is in line with the Government’s announcements on the complete abolition of this type of employment. conclude from the Institute of Economics. Although the OVI index recorded growth in both annual and monthly levels in December, the number published online ads throughout 2019 is still slightly lower than in 2018. last_img read more

Consumer tax cuts best for economy

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionCongress wants to create jobs by cutting taxes. But who should get the biggest cuts?Republicans prefer to stimulate the supply side (investors and corporations), while Democrats favor directing most of the cuts to the demand side (consumers). I suggest that we can choose between these options by examining the current state of the economy.Supply side: The stock market is booming, and investors are buying equities at unusually high price/earnings ratios, which suggests there is lots of hot money out there chasing too few opportunities. Furthermore, corporations are sitting on large piles of cash. So, it would seem that the supply side is not hurting for money.Demand side: It’s reported that consumers have accumulated historically large debts, in credit cards and second mortgages, to maintain their lifestyles. This suggests a lack of resources on the demand side. If consumers were given large tax cuts, they would spend the money rapidly, increasing demand for products and services and providing an impetus for businesses to grow. So, why are Republicans focused on the supply side, as in the Reagan and “W” Bush administrations? Probably because investors and corporations are their biggest donors.Bruce PomeroyDuanesburgMore from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusLocal movie theater operators react to green lightEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homeslast_img read more

New evidence shows work requirements don’t work

first_imgFor example, the combination of work requirements in the 1996 welfare rehaul, the expansion of the earned income credit, additional child-care funding and the uniquely tight latter-90s labor market led to increases in the employment rates of mother-only families.But as the job market weakened, those employment gains faded, even as the work requirements remained in place.Meanwhile, the loss of income supports exacerbated not just poverty but deep poverty (families with income below half the poverty threshold, about $10,000 for a single parent with two children).KANSAS DATA IS REVEALINGCompelling new evidence comes from data on the Kansas TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) program, which imposed tough, new work sanctions on some of the state’s most economically vulnerable families.For example, in late 2011, the state began requiring applicants to complete 20 job contacts per week before their application would be considered, along with shorter time limits on recipiency, longer sanction periods and harsh sanctions for missing appointments.The first thing that happened is the Kansas TANF caseload fell sharply, by more than half. But did the leavers join the labor market?In fact, most adults who left TANF were already working, and they worked just as much before they left TANF as they did afterward, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Categories: Editorial, OpinionThe fundamental conservative law of work incentives goes like this: If you give rich people more money, they will work harder. If you give poor people money, they will work less. Therefore, the rich need tax cuts, and the poor need work requirements.President Trump and the Republican majority in Congress have, of course, passed the regressive tax-cut package.They are actively pursuing adding work requirements to food assistance (SNAP), housing subsidies, Medicaid and the rest of the safety net.Should they succeed, the result of their strategy will not be more work. It will be richer rich people and poorer poor people. It will exacerbate existing inequalities.I will present the evidence in a moment, but, to be clear, requiring work of those who use low-income programs may initially encourage those who would have worked anyway to do so more quickly, at least if they don’t face significant employment barriers and also live in an area where jobs are available.But the reality of the stressors of poverty, the volatility of the low-wage labor market, the lack of decent and affordable child care, discrimination, and more will assert themselves and limit the long-term effect. Punitive measures like work requirements and time limits won’t help them.They need sectoral training (skill building specific to local employers’ needs), adequate minimum wages, work supports such as reliable child care and paid family leave, wage subsidies (e.g., an expanded EITC), health care, and in areas with too few opportunities, direct job-creation programs.The current Republican playbook is to provide tax cuts for the wealthy and offset their cost by cutting benefits for the poor.Seen in this light, work requirements are a thinly veiled tactic to reduce participation in these programs.We know how to help economically vulnerable people, and, unsurprisingly, it does not entail making them worse off.Jared Bernstein, a former chief economist to Vice President Joe Biden, is a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a former chief economist to Vice President Joe Biden, is a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationcenter_img More than half of able-bodied, working-age SNAP recipients work when on the program, and more than 80 percent work in the year before or after receiving SNAP benefits (that is almost 90 percent for families with kids).About 60 percent of Medicaid beneficiaries work, and among working-age households in the Housing Choice Voucher program, 70 percent have at least one member who is working or recently worked.But work is not the ladder out of poverty it needs to be for these families.Though some falsely claim that sanctioned workers are thriving in Kansas, a full four years after losing TANF benefits, the parents who were kicked off the program because of a work sanction had median earnings of only around $2,000, about 10 percent of the poverty level.Clearly, the labor market problem facing these impoverished parents was not receiving TANF. Thus, work requirements utterly failed to move them out of poverty.The true problem is that too many poor adults face steep labor market barriers, including skill deficits, criminal records, mental health issues and employer discrimination.And/or they live in places where even in good economic times, living-wage jobs are scarce. About 70 percent of these low-income parents worked at some point both in the year before and the year after they left, and 84 percent worked at some point over that full period (before or after leaving the rolls).These relatively high employment rates suggest that their spells on TANF were probably short, with families using the program as it was intended: a temporary support when work is not available or feasible.This is an extremely common finding in the literature on poverty and benefit receipt.FALSE PERCEPTIONSThe notion that working-age, able-bodied poor people with public assistance do not work is wrong.It is true that their connection to the job market is often less stable than that of the nonpoor.About a third of the parents in the Kansas study posted solid labor-market attachment, working at least seven of the nine quarters observed in the study, and about half worked between one and six quarters.Among adults who work and receive some form of assistance to meet their basic needs, just under half work full-time.last_img read more

Trump’s abuses of power may have long-term effects

first_imgIf those had been “ordinary” politicians – social democrats or earnest liberals – they would have been run out of office by disappointed supporters who voted for efficient and effective government.But Chávez remained in power for 14 years before dying in office;his successor is still there.In Austria, the resurgent Freedom Party has just joined a new government coalition.Orban has been Hungary’s prime minister for nearly eight years, and Law and Justice’s support seems to be holding steady in Poland.Some of these stories are really about authoritarianism:Many populist leaders are actually anti-pluralist leaders, and they change the rules of their democracies to make it more difficult for their opponents to win.But another factor is at work as well. Categories: Editorial, OpinionThe charges range widely, from relatively trivial abuses of privilege to completely unprecedented breaches of ethical laws and norms.The president and his son-in-law may be using American foreign policy to enrich themselves.Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has broken rules to fly first-class. Foreign delegations routinely book rooms at Trump’s Washington hotel to please and enrich the president.Corruption and nepotism have both reached new levels in this White House, as everyone who knew Donald Trump predicted, and as many who voted for him will ignore.Every time one of these stories breaks, there is a routine response:Is this what working-class Americans really wanted when they voted for an “anti-elitist”?Is this what the Midwest meant when it cheered calls to “drain the swamp”?But if history and precedent are any guide, then these abuses of power won’t matter to them at all.Our hemisphere contains ample precedents. But the spectacular corruption of so-called anti-elitist elites has another effect in the longer term:It makes people cynical about politics altogether.I recently asked one of Orban’s opponents why the endless revelations of crooked contracts don’t create an overwhelming majority for the opposition. Because voters now think everyone is corrupt,” he told me. “They’ve got used to it.”As the nepotism and the cronyism of this White House begin to sink in, Americans may not turn against Trump.They may turn against politics, or even democracy, altogether.Anne Applebaum writes a weekly foreign affairs column for The Washington Post. Unlike social democrats or earnest liberals, these politicians were never trying to appeal to the good sense of voters, they were never selling efficiency and effectiveness, and their voters don’t expect it from them.In a recent speech, Orban declared that Western Europe had caused the “decline of Christian culture,” and he described Hungary as “the last bastion of Christianity.”If you are emotionally moved by that declaration, why should you care if his son-in-law is getting rich?The political scientist Jan-Werner Muller has also written that corruption and cronyism aren’t a problem for this kind of leader “as long as they look like measures pursued for the sake of a moral, hardworking ‘us’ and not for the immoral or even foreign ‘them.’ “These same instincts might shield Trump from the wrath of some his voters.If you really believe that American civilization is in decline and only the Trump administration can halt it, then you won’t care that Jared Kushner is massaging America’s Middle Eastern policy to suit his business interests.If the “Forgotten Man” of Middle America believes Trump is battling invisible Islamist extremists (or overly visible television talk-show hosts), then they might not care that the Chinese government granted Ivanka Trump some valuable trademarks on the day President Xi Jinping met her father. Latin American history is strewn with “men of the people” who rode anti-elitist sentiments to power and then used that power to enrich themselves and their friends.The former Venezuelan dictator-president Hugo Chávez won office on an “anti-corruption” ticket and then proceeded to rob the state on a massive scale, using government contracts to keep friendly business executives on board, turning the civil service and the state oil company into machines for rewarding supporters, even buying a luxurious plane from the ruling family of Qatar for his own use.Europe contains similar stories.During its previous turn in power, Austria’s “populist” Freedom Party proved far more corrupt than the mainstream politicians it had denounced while out of office.After his death,it emerged that the party’s leader, Joerg Haider – more famous for his nods and winks to Austria’s Nazi legacy – was doing shady deals from Libya to the Balkans and beyond.Viktor Orban, the “populist” Hungarian prime minister who won in 2010 by denouncing the corruption of his opponents, has since directed European Union funding to business executives who support his party (among them a childhood friend), and helped to enrich numerous relatives, above all his son-in-law. (Sound familiar?)Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party also ran an anti-elitist election campaign in 2015 and has spent two years populating the civil service with friends, cousins, nephews and uncles of politicians. More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristslast_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Feb. 10

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionRepublicans also not putting America firstMr. Homan’s Feb. 3 letter should have been entitled “Politicians are not putting America first” and not just single out the Democrats.I’m a registered Republican, and I wonder why is it when a Trump Republican cult member makes an argument such as his, they never present the fact that the Republicans and Mr. Trump had control of both the Senate and the House for the past two years and they didn’t pass a single piece of legislation to give Mr. Trump his precious wall or any immigration reform.He asks why the Democrats all supported border security previously, including a wall, but oppose it now? He conveniently forgets that the bipartisan bill in December that included all these things was not signed by Mr. Trump.He also notes Democrats are importing more low-income persons illegally. And just how are they doing this importing? By not voting for a wall that persons can climb over or tunnel under?And then he goes even further by saying the Democrats can’t stand to see Trump win to fulfill his campaign promise. Are you referring to the promise he made on numerous occasions that Mexico would pay for the wall?Mr. Homan, if you want to put America first, why don’t you write to Mr. Trump and request he use his emergency powers to combat gun violence in Chicago and other parts of America?Mike NorrisDelanson Consider impact of negativity to TrumpYour opinion page is hurting this country. It’s all negative with the Trump administration. You’re not the only newspaper doing this unfortunate reporting. If we put one of these crazy liberals as president, we can kiss this country good-bye. I know this letter is going to be laughed off until it hits you personally. Please think of your children.Joseph ParilloBallston SpaMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homes I’m appalled that Gov. Andrew Cuomo passed the Reproductive Health Care Act.With this act, you are becoming the killer of thousands of unborn babies. This is truly a genocide against the human life — the weak, the handicapped and the poor —  starting with the womb, where life is created. The RHA was concealed in false propaganda. This act does not help women. It does the opposite. What’s next? Are we going to start selective breeding through involuntary sterilization because you have judged individuals physically or mentally unfit to reproduce? How far are you willing to go, governor? Babies, who are precious and innocent, have now become “undesirables” in New York state. A child in the mother’s womb isn’t even considered a human being anymore. My mother delivered me eight weeks early. Was I not considered a child to you? Are you not going to stand up for the unborn? No one has the right to kill a child in the womb or out of the womb. Just as Abel’s blood cried out to God for revenge (Genesis 4:10), so does the blood of the innocent babies cry out to God and demand justice. The Lord will be the one who will avenge these heinous sins. What you do to one of them is inflicted upon us all. It is truly a sad time for the state. I pray for you because Jesus tells us to pray for those who persecute us. God have mercy on us.Eva LoucksBallston Spa Legal pot. Gambling. Is prostitution next?Now that we are moving forward to legalize recreational marijuana and expanding gambling, the time is right to add the world’s oldest profession to the list: prostitution. Consider the following:The governor has said he isn’t legislating morals or religion; everyone has a fundamental right to decide what they want to do with their own bodies; current laws have a greater impact on minorities; state regulation and rules will make it safer for those involved; and the state will enjoy a new stream of revenue. Who can be against this?Jim VincentNiskayunacenter_img What is the cost of not building the wall?Ken Bress’ Jan. 19 letter illustrates poor calculation in the cost of building “the wall.” But can Ken calculate the cost of one human life affected by opioid addiction or myriad felonies (too heinous to mention here) perpetrated by illegal immigrants?Eric R. AlmondScotia Cuomo endorses the legal killing of babieslast_img read more

Derby – Neck and neck in race to win Derby

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