Hamilton man wanted after highrisk takedown in Ancaster

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OPP have released more details about the high-risk takedown attempt in Ancaster on Monday. It was part of a multi-jurisdiction gun trafficking investigation and a number of people have been arrested.OPP still not saying much, other than it is an ongoing investigation but three people have been arrested and charged with trafficking guns. A warrant has been issued for a fourth person.The shots were fired in a busy area and once again raising concerns about gun crime in Hamilton. The incident involved plain clothes OPP officers and was part of a gun trafficking investigation. Police still won’t say who fired the gun but three people have been arrested. They’re still looking for 23-year old Ali Ghorbani of Hamilton.This is just one of a number of crimes involving guns this year.On January 19, a woman and two teenage boys were shot during a home invasion on the mountain. Three armed men kicked in the door, leaving a bullet hole in the wall and blood on the door. The three victims survived.On January 24, there was a gun fight between two men at a variety store parking lot. A 24-year old was shot but survived, the other man took off.January 27 there was another armed home invasion on the mountain.And in the core, a teen flashed a hand gun during a fight at the Hamilton Public Library.Police say most of these shootings are targeted but people we’ve talked are concerned.There were 41 shootings last year, 22 in 2016, 14 the year before that and just 7 in 2014. The number almost doubling year after year.CHCH News has been asking Hamilton Police since Friday for an interview to talk about gun crime but they told us “They have nothing new to add”, saying the Chief did an interview with CHCH last month and talked about guns and shootings.At the time the Chief said, “Obviously the shootings, if they persist, that’s a big issue for us.” Saying they’re typically related to drugs. “The people who are targets are not willing to tell us what the reasons are and I understand that but nonetheless it’s a public safety issue.”Hamilton Police say illegal drugs often go hand in hand with gun violence. But that’s about all the police seem willing to share about their efforts to make this city safer.Police tell us that for the large part the public has nothing to fear because they believe most shootings are targeted. read more