The mayor of Hvar introduces order: All deck chairs must be wooden and the umbrellas white

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first_imgThe Mayor of the City of Hvar has made a decision on the appearance of umbrellas and deck chairs for performing economic activities in the maritime domain of the City of Hvar.Thus, according to the decision, there will be no more plastic deckchairs on Hvar, but all deckchairs must be wooden, while all umbrellas must be made of natural materials, white or dirty white fabric without highlighting the inscriptions of sponsors and advertisements. The inscriptions of the companies can be extremely prominent on the lower part of the umbrellas.The decision is in force from 01.01, and the supervision will be carried out by the municipal wardens of the City of Hvar.What should be normal is big news in Croatia. So is the decision of the city of Hvar to finally bring order to the standardized layout of parasols and deck chairs. Unfortunately, this is a rare positive example in our tourist destinations, and the first step should be established when we talk about the strategic development of tourist destinations. Of course how we have to take care of the cleanliness of the city, visual appearance, parking, landscaping, beaches, promenades, to have showers on the beaches and enough trash cans, signage, etc.… this is the first prerequisite for tourism development.When we do not care about performance, quality and no one cares about development, then I have a mess and problems such as “reservation” of beaches with towels, drinking young people, nudity… Tourism is extremely dynamic, complex, heterogeneous, multidisciplinary and vertical and horizontal binds various industries. That is why it is complex and must not be developed by inertia or accident, but only strategically and sustainably.Related news:last_img read more